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American Route 66: Home on the Road

American Route 66: Home on the Road is a contemporary portrait of a much-loved icon.
For three years, photographers Polly Brown and Jane Bernard traveled The Road to document in photographs and first person accounts the spirit of America so evident in the playful and determined natures of those people who have made The Road home.

Route 66 is a historical and mythical highway. Uniquely American, it has become a symbol of mom-and-pop diners, apple pie, and the adventure of the open road. To immerse oneself in the pages of this book is to experience aspects of American life that could exist nowhere else on earth but here.

The book is published by the Museum of New Mexico Press. The limited edition exhibition photographs from this project can be bought.

The book is available from the publisher:

The Museum of New Mexico Press
PO Box 2087
Santa Fe NM 87504

also available at:
Photoeye Book Store
and other retail bookstores

You may also buy signed copies directly from the authors by contacting Polly Brown at pollybrown@q.com.

Reviews About the Book

“Polly Brown and Jane Bernard are the Thelma and Louise of documentary photography, shooting their way down the Mother Road with eyes and hearts wide open. Steinbeck, Mick Jagger, and Elvis would all love this book, and so do I.”
    John Suiter, author of Poets on the Peak

“Polly Brown and Jane Bernard are accomplished, widely-published photographers who spent three years on America’s most legendary tail. These superb color and black-and-white photographs merge with their subject’s mini-oral histories and the photographer’s journal entries.”
    Michael More – New Mexico Council on Photography

Magazine Americana
“Flipping through the photographs and stories of Bernard and Brown, I felt I was cruising down Route 66 myself, in a convertible Mustang, wind in my hair. I was reminded of the myth of the open road in the American psyche. Adventure, opportunity, freedom, ingenuity, self-reliance. These ideas so important in the birth and growth of this country reverberate through every mile of this original, this mother road, Route 66.”

The Bloomsbury Review
“Bernard and Brown, established documentary photographers, teamed up to tackle this highway as their subject and have successfully produced a fresh perspective, one of the best efforts to date.”

River Front Times
“American Route 66: Home on the Road, makes it cool to like nostalgia again.”

The Albuquerque Journal
“I thought I was tired of reading about Route 66, but this lovely book not only revived my interest, it made me think that next time I drive to Oklahoma or California, I might get off I-40 myself.”

New Mexico Magazine
“This well-designed photo book is a real page-turner, with excellent color and black-and-white photos that capture the present pulse of Route 66.”

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